Carmen Hannibal, Royal College of Art


Figurative Meaning and Metamorphosis in Animation (fmm-animation) aims to spark discussions, build collaborations and support exploratory events on the proposed topics. The SIG encourages interdisciplinary work and subjects of interest could be, but are not limited to:

  • Any traditions that deal with metaphor within animation (e.g. film and media studies, cognitive science and hermeneutics).
  • Any perspectives on the notion of metamorphosis and plasticity in animation.
  • Any traditions that deal with symbolism in animation.
  • Any forms of figurative meaning in animation (e.g. relating to its narrative, aesthetic and sound).

Studies of linguistic tropes implemented in animation.


Full Name Affiliation
Erwin Feyersinger University of Tübingen
Johannes DeYoung Carnegie Mellon University
Andy Buchanan Purdue University
Fernanda Serradourada Estonian Academy of Arts
Sally Pearce Wolverhampton University
Liz Churton Leeds Beckett University
Gabrielle Dulys University of Chicago
Michael Dudok de Wit independent, animation director
Nicholas Miller Loyola University Maryland
Sorin Oancea Queensland University of Technology
Shannon Brownlee Dalhousie University
Giannalberto Bendazzi independent, scholar
Steve Leeper Central Michigan University
Andrijana Ruzic independent, scholar
Eliane Gordeeff University of Lisbon
Vincenzo Maselli Sapienza University or Rome
Marco Bellano University of Padova
Leonie Sharrock University of South Wales
Janet Blatter independent, unknown
Jana Rogoff Humboldt University of Berlin
Alexandre Vermeil Concordia University 
Mantas Talmantas independent, unknown