The 35th Society for Animation Studies Conference will be hosted at the University of New South Wales, Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture in Sydney (Australia) from July 1st to July 4th, 2024 and its theme will be “Animating Change”.

The conference theme, “Animating Change”, aims to shed light on the power of animation in representing and amplifying voices and stories. Indeed, the conference wishes to explore in particular, how animation can break away from traditional narratives and forms and embrace a more inclusive and progressive approach. The conference draws upon animation’s ability to comment on political issues, social inequalities, or environmental concerns and its effectiveness in conveying complex messages.

Although we welcome submissions on any topic within the field of animation studies, we particularly encourage proposals that delve into topics including animation and politics, ecological concerns, First Nations perspectives, global and transnational animation, cultural diversity, gender representation, LGBTIQ+ discussion, disability and crip perspectives in animation, and the portrayal of marginalized communities in animation. Participants can examine the impact of diverse narratives in fostering empathy, challenging stereotypes, exploring diversity and promoting social change.

Topics could include (but are not limited to):

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Emerging interdisciplinary directions
  • Redefinitions and revisions of animation concepts
  • Animation memories
  • Animation and Politics
  • Speculative animation
  • Motion studies and motion capture
  • Sound and animation
  • Global and transnational expansions, Diaspora
  • First Nations perspectives and animation
  • Gender and LGBTIQ+ animation
  • Evolution of animation
  • Animation in learning and teaching
  • Animation ecologies
  • Sustainability or eco-criticism in animation
  • Experimental animation
  • Expanded animation and media art contexts
  • Approaches to animation include Game design, Artificial intelligence, Hybrid production modes, Virtual Production and Experiential animation.
  • Animated installations.
  • Design Perspectives in Animation
  • Acting for animation
  • Hand-made animation

Through presentations, panel discussions, workshops, and exhibitions, the conference hopes to inspire new collaborations and innovative approaches to ensure that animation continues to evolve as a medium that celebrates the richness of human experiences.

We are open to the following submissions:

  • 20-minute conference papers: 300-word abstract, 3–5 bibliographical references and 100-word biographical statement
  • 5-minute micro talks: 150-word abstract and 100-word biographical statement
  • Specialist panels: 300-word panel summary and 300-word abstract per paper and 100-word biographical statement per panel member.
  • Screening: Animating Change and Student animation. Submissions must be no longer than 10 minutes in length and include 350-500 words with project description and links to supporting material.

You can submit your proposal here:

Please note: each person can submit in only one of these categories, except screening.

Submissions deadline: January 17th, 2023

All letters of acceptance will be sent out by February 2024 to facilitate applications for funding and travel visas.

We encourage all SAS members to join us in Sydney following the isolation of the global pandemic and so this year we are running in-person sessions only. For access and accessible requirements, please contact the conference chairs:

For further information about the conference, visit the conference website here: