Given the truly international membership of the Society for Animation Studies, we try to vary our conference locations every year to move around the globe in a fair manner and hopefully give all our members a chance to attend at least every few years.

To achieve this, all expressions of interest to host the annual SAS conference are evaluated by the SAS Board against the primary objective of regional fairness and representation. Broadly speaking, the SAS Board tries to ensure that the SAS annual conference is staged in the following geographic regions on a rolling basis: Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, North America, and South America. Practically, the availability of host institutions and willing conference organizers, as well as other prevailing circumstances may, on occasion, force a geographic repetition to occur.

For those interested in expressing an interest in hosting the SAS annual conference, please keep this geographic rotation in mind when proposing the year in which you would like to host the conference.

As a quick reference point, the geographic region of the past five conferences as well as the current conference are provided below:

2015 – Europe: England

2016 – Asia: Singapore

2017 – Europe: Italy

2018 – North America: Canada

2019 – Europe: Portugal

2021 – North America: U.S.A. (online)

2022 – Europe: England

2023 – North America: U.S.A.

2024 – Asia: Australia

A comprehensive record of all previous SAS annual conferences can be found in the ‘Past Conferences’ section of the website.

We are now looking for hosts for 2026 and beyond (it would be great to have locations in place as early as possible so don’t worry if you want to host in 2027!). Please get in touch if you are interested.

If you have a supportive institution, or just really want to bring the SAS to your location then please let us know.

In the first instance, expressions of interest should be emailed to:

Full proposals to host the SAS Annual Conference should use this form: SAS annual conference proposal