SIG: Anime studies



Rayna Denison, University of East Anglia

Marc Steinberg, Concordia University

Laura Montero Plata, International University of Catalonia



We propose an Anime Studies SIG to enable increased levels of rigorous, innovative research about Japanese animation. Anime Studies has now reached a point where SAS could act as site for the development of future anime research. We propose to hold events as part of SAS’s future conferences, from panels and round table discussions through to screenings. This would include mentoring events. Funding for Japanese studies is readily accessible in Europe and North America. We therefore believe that it will be possible to fund-raise for at least one-three significant events at the SAS conference in future years.



Thomas Lamarre, McGill University

Mihaela Mihailova, Michigan University

Grace Ting, Waseda University

Maria Lorenzo, University of Valencia

Antonio Loriguillo-López, University of Castellon

Marco Bellano, University of Padova

Marie Pruvost-Delaspre, University Paris 8

Artur Lozano, Autonomous University of Barcelona

Joseph Fiumara, York University, Toronto

Edmond ernest dit alban, Concordia, Montreal

Julie Brousseau, Concordia, Montreal

George Yi Chan Sohng, Concordia, Montreal

Baryon Tensor Posadas, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Alvaro David Hernandez Hernandez, Nichibunken

Gen Leonardo Ota Otani, Escuela Nacional de Antropología e Historia (ENAH), Mexico

Alexandre G. Vermeil, Concordia University