This is a call for papers about Animation practice as research. We are planning a one-day symposium next Easter on this subject, and invite abstracts to both be presented at the symposium and also be published in a special edition of Animation: Practice, Process and Production (Intellect Press).
The symposium is being organized at the Manchester School of Art by Samantha Moore (Manchester School of Art) and Ellie Land (Northumbria University).
The symposium will offer a space for academics, practitioners, and students to investigate, define, and extrapolate animation practice within the research context. It aims to provide possible frameworks, further understanding, and exemplify case studies of practice as research, whilst strengthening and bringing together the animation practice as research community.

Topics of interest for the symposium include:

· Equipping practitioners with the vocabulary to articulate their research
· ‘Doing thinking’; developing research questions through practice
· Commissioned work: (how) does it present opportunities for linking practice to research?
· Attending differently to practice from inception in order to site it as research
· Animation as a mode of knowing – how does animation create new knowledge?
· Evaluating research frameworks, how does animation fit in?
· Pedagogic animation research and practice, how to present it?
· Any other aspect of animation practice as research

The program will include invited speakers, selected papers, screenings, and opportunities to network and socialize. Our aim is to make the symposium accessible for everyone, and we plan to simultaneously stream the event online for those that are unable to attend. Presenters can also take part via a live stream.
We would also invite people to take part in practice as research surgeries looking at case studies and discussing how to present individual practice as research for emerging researchers. More details about this will follow.

The timeline for the papers is:
Abstracts deadline: 30 September 2020
Papers deadline: 15 November 2020
Edited and peer-reviewed: 28 February 2021
Published in AP3 and symposium: April 2021

For more information email: