An academic symposium at the Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film and FMX 2018 in collaboration with the Society of Animation Studies, the School of Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University Singapore, the Institute of Media Studies at Eberhard Karls University Tübingen, the AG Animation and the Literaturhaus Stuttgart.

Due to the high number of quality submissions, the symposium was expanded to a two-day-event.

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Conference dates and venue:

DAY 1: Wednesday April 25 2018, 9.30-18.00 
DAY 2: Thursday, April 26 2018, 14.00-18.30

at the Literaturhaus Stuttgart – only a short walk away from ITFS and FMX.

The symposium is aiming to be highly interdisciplinary and international in nature, bringing together scholars, students, academics and artists from diverse fields of research and professional practice. You can look forward to a day of highly engaging presentations that negotiate the topic from a wide variety of angles-bridging art, theory and technology.

The symposium is free to attend for anybody with a professional accreditation or festival-pass for either the ITFS or FMX, full-day-tickets for the symposium only will also available for 15,- Euro at the box office at the Literaturhaus  on April 25 from 9.30 and April 26 14.00.

Light refreshments will be provided throughout the conference days.

Full program schedule: SAS_ITFS_FMX_flyer


Program highlights

Opening Keynote  Ülo Pikkov
“On Animation in the Era of Post-Animation”

“By developing ‘animasophy’, a more philosophical approach in the practice and critique of animation, we are developing something that is quintessentially human. In contrast to other mammals, the human kind is capable of abstract thinking. Birds and animals live in the present, but a human being can represent both the past and the future, construct symbols and tell stories. Men are the only mammals who can be fascinated by abstract texts, by playing with dolls or by the drama of an animated film. Therefore, we could say that animasophy embodies the essence of our humanity.”

Find the full synopsis here: Synopsis Keynote

“Colliding Worlds-Different Takes on Animation and Philosophy”
Wednesday, April 25, 1600-1800


Ülo Pikkov

Axel Akesson, MPC, Asset Supervisor

has over 15 years professional experience in computer graphics with 12 years spent in feature film VFX contributing to over 20 major movies. Axel’s latest challenge was building the photo-realistic fully digital recreation of the actress Sean Young as “Rachael” for “Blade Runner 2049”, where he served as Asset Supervisor.

Jeanette Bonds is the Co-Founder and Director of GLAS Animation Festival.

Prof. Siegfried Zielinski is the Michel Foucault Chair at The European Graduate School / EGS, where he teaches as a professor of mediology and technoculture. He is also the Chair of Media Theory, with a focus on archaeology and variantology of media, at the Institute for Time Based Media at the Berlin University of Arts.

Panel hosted by Conference Chairs Prof.Dr. Susanne Marschall and Assoc.Prof. Hannes Rall.